Hi, I’m Clare, a young Mum just like you, with a passion for writing, helping & inspiring others, sharing information and being creative. This blog is simply an extension of everything I do in my everyday life, sharing with you all the things that I learn, love and live.

This blog brings together the ethos of Gentle Parenting, the changes you will experience by becoming a mother, helpful tips about how to overcome issues with baby and within yourself or your home, as well as inspirational style and lifestyle posts that make you want to shop away until your heart’s content!

Let Little Birds Fly… I chose this name because I wanted something that represents setting yourself and your child free, yet also a feeling of being supportive and spiritual. It is about the journey you are embarking on, while raising these little souls in the best possibly way, and being kind to one’s self while you do that. Experiencing the shifts and changes that are almost constant, and not imposing expectations or barriers on either you or your child.

In the first year of Motherhood I really felt like I was doing a masters degree, with so many decisions to make and things to learn, with so little time to do it in! I hope my blog will help to deliver you the best bits of information in bite-size portions right when you need them!

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