Christmas Eve Crates

At the heart of our Hamper is the Christmas Eve Crate that holds all the other items together. Carrie from The Joinery Shop Dubai designs and creates the most gorgeous products, for Mums and kids which include height rulers, birth rulers, personalised Christmas tree decorations, Christmas Eve boxes and Christmas Eve crates, to name a few.

Mellieha and the Unicorn

All are customisable with your own choice of font, names and even an inspiring childhood quote if you so wish. Engraved into the wood, it really has that earthy, natural touch that I lust after, and she was one of the very first brands that I invited to join our hamper for that very reason.

I am so excited by the Christmas Eve crates themselves and the Elves visited our house last night in order to deliver some essential Christmas items for the girls! Christmas pajamas, a couple of Christmas toys, Santa’s milk bottle, some reindeer food, and a book explaining what Christmas is about with Elf illustrations to boot!



The elf door really was magical and made it all seem so much more precious, and tonight Mellieha took great care preparing everything for Santa with me, even decorating the tray for Santa and his reindeer.


Merry Christmas, I hope you have a lovely day!!

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