A Mother is Born

For some, from the moment of conception their priorities shift and they start to feel the deep pull of Motherhood calling from within, for others it takes a few months. Maybe the first scan was when it hit you, maybe the first little flutters of kicks in your womb, maybe it didn’t happen until your baby was born, or later when they started to interact with you, any one of these situations would be classed as normal.

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Gentle Parenting

Gentle Parenting is a lifelong commitment to peaceful and compassionate communication within your family. It starts from the day your Little Bird is born, because believe me there will be times that test you! For new parents, and parents-to-be, there are some very interesting authors who might inspire you and will help to prepare you, these include Sarah Ockwell-Smith who has a lovely explanation of Gentle Parenting here, and a very interesting and important article on the theory of Baby Sleep here.

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Gifts We love

We believe in shopping small, everything in our Christmas List is created and produced by small businesses who believe in what they do and offer the highest quality products that they can. Gifts with heart.